The best United Kingdom’s Hamlet is a Lithuanian

The best United Kingdom’s Hamlet is a Lithuanian

Frederiksborgo pilis

Often the most enjoyable travel moments are when you find something familiar and Lithuanian in a foreign land. One of expedition “Baltoscandia 2016” main goals is to collect traces of Lithuanians scattered around the Baltic Sea, and to remind fellow Lithuanians of our great history.

“Lithuanians have left as many footprints as any other nation. We learned fabulous stories about Lithuanians who lived and created there even when following the legendary Matas Šalčius’ footsteps in South America. I am sure that we will find a lot more of them in the close European lands” said Gintautas Babravičius, leader of the trek across the world “Mission Lithuania 100”.

Lithuanian artists invited to prestigious festivals

At the end of expedition’s first week its participants visited the Hamlet (Kronborg) Castle in Denmark, where events of the famous Shakespeare play “Hamlet” took place. Every year in August the best artists and performers of the world are invited to a festival taking place here. In 2001 Eimuntas Nekoršius’ company has also performed here. Their performance has been rated as one of the most memorable interpretations of Hamlet of the last decade.

The best XX century Shakespeare roles actor in UK is a Lithuanian

J.GelgaudasProbably the most impressive was the hall where the portraits of best Hamlet actors are hanged. Among them is the picture of sir Artūras Jonas Gelgaudas (John Gielgud), onsidered one of the three best XX century actors of William Shakespeare’s roles in the United Kingdom. His family migrated to the UK after the 1831 uprising, which was lead by his grandfather’s brother, Antanas Gelgaudas. Jonas Gelgaudas has received Oscar, Emmy and Grammy awards, and has a theater named in his honour. The Gielgud Award of the Golden Quill has also been established for best roles in drama plays.

Expedition visits places important to Lithuanians

Expedition participants have visited the Kalmar castle, in which the Kalmar Union, precursor to the idea of Baltoscandia, was signed. Another notable castle visited was Frederiksborg, Denmark’s largest, in which’s church the Lithuanian Vytis can be seen amongst the coat of arms of other states. “Baltoscandia 2016” members of the expedition have also gone to the Stockholm square where Swedes held rallies for over a year in support of Lithuania’s and other Baltic States’ independence.

Swedish professor: “We travel to make history”


On the 8th of August the 5th of 9 expedition conferences took place. Presentations where given by Thomas Lundén , Södertörns University professor and member of the Swedish anthropology and geography society, and Olof Stiernström, associate professor of Umeå University Department of Geographic and Economic History and chair of Sweden’s national geography committee.

“We can’t alter history. The only way is to accept it, understand that we are part of it. We can’t hide from what has happened, but we must try and understand it. Travel not for history but to make it. That is the history that belongs to all of us.” Olof Stiernström advised participants of the trek across the world.

About “Baltoscandia 2016”

“Baltoscnadia 2016” is the first expedition of the trek across the world “Mission Lithuania 100”. During the expedition participants from the Wanderers Club, Lithuanian Geographical Society, and Travel and Recreation Club of the Lithuanian Journalists’ Union hold conferences to present prof. Kazys Pakštas’ idea of Baltoscandia and the trek across the world “Mission Lithuania 100”.